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"Abandonment is all over these pages. Getting to know these characters, it is clear that it haunts every single one of them, and influences so many of their behaviors. The more details Strom reveals... the more empathy they garner. I felt for all of the characters in the book, even the bullies... Even the racists."

Vol. 1 Brooklyn

"[Strom] writes his characters and scenes with graphic clarity, with no attempt to gloss them over, but does leave the reader cheering for this group of unlikely friends.” Bismarck Tribune

"[Strom's] depiction of young people in the fictional town of Holm, Minnesota rings so true in his debut novel Northern Lights.St Paul Pioneer Press

"[Strom's] prose packs punches in stark and arresting passages... A blend of pain and promise, Northern Lights also offers, in Strom, a fresh and gifted voice from which much can be expected." Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

“This is Strom’s debut novel, and what an incredibly good piece of writing it proves to be... Congratulations needs to be extended for this fine novel, and hopefully he will continue to add to his literary catalogue by writing further fiction of this caliber.” New York Journal of Books

"You come away from this novel feeling as though as though you’ve met real people and engaged with them in their lives. This is an incredibly well-crafted debut novel." Southern Minnesota Review

"Strom’s writing is plainspoken and without airs, and Shane gets under your skin. It’s like he’s drawn with a fine-point pencil. His innocence and vulnerability are touching, his optimism and lack of bitterness almost saintly." MinnPost Artscape

“Good news for readers who love coming-of-age stories and don't mind their fiction soaked in drugs: Northern Lights might be described as a cross between two of the greats in those categories: The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, and Jesus' Son, by Denis Johnson.” Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Strom paints an aching portrait of a young man searching for a sense of self and belonging... [he] creates a fantastic sense of place and how it works on his characters, particularly with respect to the gritty underbelly of substance abuse and financial straits." Shelf Awareness

"Northern Lights is a gritty, sullen, compelling account of a young man's voyage to find the mother who abandoned him... Strom's prose flawlessly and fastidiously conveys the intensity and wretchedness of Shane's predicament and surroundings, and yet there is a beauty and poetry to it that implies a sense of hope, however minor and doubtful." Edge Media Network